CSR Management


We have an independent organisation that handles all your compliance needs.

Regional oversight across all sourcing countries for a consistent approach

In-house SA8000 certified compliance auditors

Monitor workplace conditions, health & safety, working hours, fair wages and freedom of association

Brand protection services


NeedlesKart has a long history of supporting various customer initiatives around “Sustainable Sourcing”.

Patented dyestuffs which lower water and energy consumption

Total Waste Management

“Green” polybags with recycled polymers

Eco friendly / organic vegetable dyes

Reduced water dying process – reduced energy & chemical consumption.

Recycled synthetic fibres

HIGGS facilitation


Total Quality Management

In a complex world where the pressure to reduce cost, increase speed and efficiencies, PCC offers a fully customizable sourcing and quality solution to guide you to success.

NeedlesKart, a global world leader in the Apparel and Textile Industry is harnessing over years of experience and expertise to launch a new groundbreaking enterprise, The Production Compliance Corporation, PCC.

PCC is founded on the vision of End to End Quality: a concept which emphasizes that in order to deliver a product on standard, on time and at competitive prices, Quality Assurance is a necessary component of the supply chain and intervention can be applied at any stage.

PCC Services

Operating in over 12 countries from the India sub-continent to China and across South East Asia, with a centralized leadership structure and a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced infield auditors.

Our teams are trained to each customer’s specific quality standards and can be on the ground within 48 hours to undertake a wide range of quality activities selected from our menu of services and customised to your needs.

Inspection services

Flexible and highly trained QC team to look after all your AQL inspection needs. Optional in-line audits added where requested.

An END TO END quality solution founded on a dedicated team brings a QA focus to each step of the production process. “Engineering quality into the Client’s product..”

Value-Added Services

 Factory Technical Evaluations
 Factory Quality Management System Gap Analysis
 CAP / Remediation
 Continuous Improvement
 Production Capacity Study
 Quality Reporting Software
 Forensic Analysis
 Training & Development
 Support for Technical Package and Manual Development

Vendor Empowerment
Certification Program

An intensive best practice quality training & development program.

Providing education to Vendors and Factories to self-inspect in a manner consistent with the Client’s quality standards.

Defects, rework and seconds are reduced. Cost efficient and good manufacturing process is measurably achieved.

Why Choose PCC?

• Cost effective

• Flexible menu of services – we design around your needs

• Highly customizable

• Multi country infrastructure

• Leveraged support of the Newtimes Group and their 60 year history of outstanding performance and reputation for Quality

• Dedicated headcount specialized in your quality standards

• All our Auditors are full-time staff. We do not use 3rd party or part-time auditors.

• Pivot 88 Quality Platform – access to real time dedicated cloudbased inspection data and cutting edge technology

• Highest levels of integrity